In the Hands of Alchemy

Jerry and Marilyn in their yard
A Message to You...
We hope you take the time to look through our Web site. If you feel inspired by our work and wish to attend one of our events or help arrange an event in your area, we would love to work with you or your group. Marilyn's CD, the Parabola video, and Jerry's book are all available. Feel free to e-mail us.
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In the Hands of Alchemy
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Death Mid-Wifery
Marilyn Strong facilitates home
& family funerals

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Recent Work

Hans Fabian Wullenweber
A New Feature Film in the Works!
A new film project, based on Jerry’s life story, is underway headed up by award winning Danish film director Hans Fabian Wullenweber.
More about what's to come.

A New Video
"Inspirations and Wanderings: The Art of Jerry Wennstrom" by Nanda Currant.

Jerry's Art in a Special Film
Jerry's sculptures and paintings are featured in the film "Mythic Journeys" by Imaginal Cells. A short video about The Role of the Artist combines movie clips featuring Jerry's art and Deepak Chopra.

Jerry's words in a new film by
Megan McFeely.

Jerry speaks on the subject of the sacred feminine in “As She Is,”.