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This piece was created as a gift for an organization called “Center Heart.” Center Heart is a consciousness center and has an alternative school in Princeton New Jersey.

The piece is a 6-foot high angel carved out of a large slab of cedar. It has wings that slowly flap, a red glass heart that pulses and a bell that occasionally rings. There are hidden switches, which activate these features. The words, “Center Heart” are carved into the cedar just above the pulsing heart. The blue hand in the box below the heart holds a tiny glowing light. The colorful blue/green hair of the piece is unraveled ferryboat rope found on a Whidbey Island beach. The circular area at the center of the figure dispenses “Angel Cards.”

There is a large insect attached to the front of the piece. Hidden under the insect’s movable wings is a brass key, with the words “Key To Heaven” stamped into the metal. There is a silhouetted copper figure standing on a brass ball, finishing off the bottom of the piece.

This piece has a secret. There is a mischievous, optional component hidden behind the Chinese coins in the figure's elaborate headdress. When the 2 outermost coins are flipped sideways there are a pair of devilish red horns that appear and disappear. This feature balances out the angelic quality of the figure, giving meaning to the name, “Coniunctio” (an alchemical term meaning "to unite the opposites".)
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