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There is a seven-foot brass lightning bolt mounted into the doors of the eight-foot-high art piece. The jagged contours of the lightning are arranged so that the seam runs down the middle where the double doors meet. There are 2-hinged doors, now mounted on a large coffin-like box, which open outward, as if struck and broken open by the lightning bolt.

When the doors were open, each door edge was in the shape of the lightning bolt, and when closed, the jagged edges fit together like a puzzle. Beyond that were several hinged layers, each a carved, life-sized human form. They are set one behind the other, each figure opening out to the next.

The figure just behind the lightning doors appears to be in shocked reaction to its naked exposure, as the doors are broken open. The next figure is an arrangement of teeth and bones that create a skeletal figure, giving the viewer a face-to-face encounter with something that looks and feels like death! Following that is an inwardly focused female figure, surrendered with eyes closed, leaning on a sword. Finally, the journey complete, there is the veiled golden figure, open, reverent, wise, and glowing, weightlessly holy.

The story behind this piece is described more-fully in Jerry's book. In the "Writing" section of this Web site, you can read the story about how this piece was created.
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