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The Alchemist is 8 feet high and 18 inches deep. It has several lighted chambers—some of which are hidden until revealed by exploration and interaction with the piece.

There is a lighted red crystal slowly spinning behind a brass chambered nautilus in the heart area of the piece. In what would be the pubic area of the Being, there is a bronze door with a 3 dimensional skull cast into it.

Inside the door is a gas burner. When a fire is lit in this chamber, a small boiler is heated, which activates a steam engine situated just below the heart area of the Being. Once the steam engine is running, the piece comes alive. A small Goddess dances in the compartment where the steam engine is housed. The exhaust from the steam engine comes steaming out of the mouth of a carved face in the middle of the art piece. The steam that condenses into water drips into a brass funnel and is recycled into the steam boiler.

In the right hand of the Being is a glass crystal. Turning the crystal opens the upper chamber revealing a carved mask with wild hair. When the door opens the mask comes out of its chamber, looks around and then returns to the box. There is a hidden control panel on the side of the piece with buttons on it. When a button is pushed, the Being does something that sounds like Tibetan chanting. The sound is made from a series of 12 buzzers placed in sets of 2 that run the full length of the piece. The buzzers go off in sequence up and down the length of the box. Because of the overall “V” shape of the piece the buzzers resonate at a slightly different pitch in the different areas of the box.

This piece is highlighted with photos and text explaining The Process.
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