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Studio Dialogue Credits

Studio Dialogue - A new feature presentation by Jerry Wennstrom with singing by Marilyn Strong. Filmed before a live audience in their studio on Whidbey Island, Studio Dialogue replicates the presentations Marilyn and Jerry have been doing internationally. The original film project was conceived and initiated by Joe Kulin and Parabola Magazine and funded by Charles and Patricia Hess of Center Heart.

Cinematographer and Director - Jim Friedrich of Cathedral Films, Los Angeles, CA.

Editor, David Fetcho of Found Light TV, David is best-known for his film about Georgia folk-artist Howard Finster titled, "I Can Feel Another Planet in My Soul."

Final-text Editor - Mark Dworkin Rainshadow Video, Whidbey Island, WA

Audio track - recorded and mastered by Greg Garbarino with additional mastering by David Fetcho.

"Because I Could Not Stop for Death" - poem written by Emily Dickinson, performed by Marilyn Strong, music by Susan McKeown ©2002 Sheila-na-Gig Music. Originally performed by Susan McKeown and Natalie Merchant on Susan's album Prophecy.

Musicians accompanying Marilyn Strong:
Judith Adams (cello)
Judy Madgison (guitar)
Talia Marcus (viola)

Chants from CD Songs For Sophia by Marilyn Strong:
"If the People" (Russian chant)
"Return Again" (taught to Marilyn by Rabbi Schlomo Carlebach)
"The Conscious Feminine"
"Thresholds" (based on a poem by Rumi)

"About Death" - poem written and performed by Judith Adams

Thank you: Joe Kulin, Jim Friedrich, Greg Garbarino, Susan McKeown, Natalie Merchant, Ellen and Bernie Camen, Talia Marcus, Judith Adams, Judy Magidson, Ardai Baharmast, Frederick VanRiper, Aaron Nelson, Lee Compton, Connie Eichenlaub, the CG Jung Society-Seattle, and Angela Nelson.

Special Thanks to you, Patricia and Charles Hess, for your love, your generous support and for your in-depth understanding of our work.

Co-produced by:
Cathedral Films (Los Angeles, CA)
Found Light TV (Oakland, CA)
Sentient Publications
Joe Kulin and Parabola Magazine