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New Film about Jerry Wennstrom's Life by Hans Fabian Wullenweber
Hans Fabian Wullenweber in action directing a motion picture
There is a new feature film in the works that is based on the story of Jerry's life. It is not a documentary this time but a feature length film, done with actors. The film is being directed by award winning Danish film director Hans Fabian Wullenweber. Mr. Wullenweber contacted Jerry a few months ago asking if he was interested in having a feature film made about his life. Mr. Wullenweber had seen the original Parabola documentary video, “In the Hands of Alchemy” at Steven Simon’s “Spiritual Cinema at Sea” cruise a few years ago and was inspired by Jerry’s story.

From there Mr. Wullenweber held the idea of making a film based on Jerry's story for some time and even went so far as to write a short screen play. More recently, Wullenweber decided to make a full-length feature film and contacted Jerry asking what he thought of the idea.
As Jerry said: “The idea of having a world class European film director make a feature film about my life was both exciting and a little daunting. Over the course of several months my ongoing conversation with Fabian has continued to evolve and inspire the very real possibility of a film. Fabian initially asked me what films I found most interesting, for which I had an immediate answer – “Paris Texas” by Wim Wenders and “Fearless” by Peter Weir. He knew and liked these films as well, and his response was, 'then we will make that kind of film.'

"I had watched both films several times. In them, I glimpsed elements of a deeper collective mythos that were inherent in my own journey. It was a mythos larger than the particulars of my personal story and yet, I felt my own journey had been carried by the same unseen mystery alluded to in both films. The film’s main characters had unusual (and some might even say, strange) stories involving great risk, outrageous trust, and life on the extreme edge of society. I felt the importance of the films came through in the unconventional way the characters were lead into a final experience of healing and redemption. The way that redemption came through resembled, in a metaphoric sense, more a quantum leap than a safe and reasonable happy ending. In my ongoing dialogue with Fabian the synchronicities that continue to whisper at the edges of our collaboration are moving the film forward in an easy and natural way. This I trust.”
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As this project unfolds, we will post further updates. Stay tuned!