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Jerry's book
  • The Inspired Heart

    Books including Jerry
  • One edited by Jerry Katz
  • Edgewalkers by Judi Neal
  • Holy Personal by Laura Chester
  • Dark Visions: The Art of Annihilation by Deloris Tarzan Ament (not yet released)
  • Ecstatic Relations by friend and author Carolyn North
  • Essays
  • Creative Wandering: A Deeper Service for The Agora
  • Inferential Focus - a New York think-tank and more on the blog
  • When Towers Fall
  • Just Before the Dawn
  • Psyche and the Spirit of the Times
  • Inspiration
  • Sermon
  • Courting the Muse on Mythic Journey's Web site
  • Mythic Journeys
  • Courting the Muse
  • The King and the Half-gold Ferret
  • Re-inhabiting Our Innocence: Beginnings and Endings
  • What is Your Intent?
  • Whispers from Cyberspace
  • Virtual Reality
  • Linking the Mysteries
  • Reverent Generosity and audio excerpt read by Liz Helgesen for Charity Focus

    Jerry's art will be featured in a new film titled, Mythic Journeys. watch the trailer
  • Interviews
  • Print Interviews
    Jerry has written a number of interviews for reading.