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written during the week of November 2nd, 2004

This was originally an e-mail written to comfort a friend after the election. It took off on the Internet and elicited many responses from strangers across the country.
It is a sad day for sure. What we have decided as a country (which is the sad part) is to stay in denial and allow the lie to exist for ourselves a just a little longer. This does not mean that those of us making this choice will have the power to make the illusion real. What we call reality in America is no longer sustainable-- not just physically (meaning environmental and economic) but energetically. The rest of the world has already pulled away from our arrogant folly-- even Tony Blair --Bush's partner in crime, had enough sense to admit his mistake! I read he was actually rooting for Kerry to win! The good news --IS -- this administration will be so involved trying to clean up the mess they created that they may not have much time for all of the other things we are worried about. Charlie, the founder of the corporate consulting firm I recently did an event with in NYC predicts trends for large corporations to help them make important decisions that effect their companies futures. I asked Charlie who it was he thought would win the election and how did he see events around the election unfolding. He said Bush would win --however-- he thought Bush was on such a destructive edge for the country that he would not make it through the next 4 years in office.

To lift this sad day off of the ground a little-- I have a personal mantra -- *This Too Is God*. Trust it all! There are actually many advantages to Bush having to take all of the responsibility for his creation. Our country needs to go through a kind of death/rebirth just like we, as individuals, have had to do. What real change looks and feels like --- is the death of a way of life! If Kerry had won we would have celebrated the fact that our polar opposite position was the correct one. Only the small changes in our world can be affected with our votes and good intensions. Real, necessary, powerful change does not work quite the same way. There is always a third and unseen entity waiting to emerge that incorporates the two polls we humans get caught up in. This third entity is what we have been waiting for and the change that brings it about happens in the most unexpected, miraculous of ways. We have done our best to defeat the shadow of our creation in America and just because we failed doesn't mean we have to stay pitted in our self-righteous position --as much as we believe it to be the correct one. Apparently it was not! So what IS? -- for sure not Bush. We are waiting to find out what the new position is. Trust and stay attentive and don't become complacent, indifferent and mostly, don't become discouraged. Trust your life enough to fiercely live your own truth -- have the courage to face those aspects of denial within yourself and all will be well--- you will exist in a world within a world and that world is hugely supported by the all of the work we have done on the consciousness front over the years. It is the like-minded people who have done and are doing their work who hold the larger dream. Our attentitiveness and personal work will put us in the best seat in the house to be "At-One" with the wildly alive process of real change.