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Jung Institute Review
of The Inspired Heart: An Artist's Journey of Transformation

Without hesitation, I can say that The Inspired Heart describes in content, style and intention, everything that is near and dear to my heart. It is, indeed, beautifully written, magically intimate and readily available to all who might pick it up. If we could somehow put it into a form that would dissolve, I think it should be put into public drinking water! An odorless and colorless substance that could protect the soul from calcification and nurture it into deep-rootedness in all aspects of life.

The very attitudes and courage required of you in making this extraordinary pilgrimage are the same required...nay, any soul worker - counselor, analyst, therapist, or otherwise. How few really understand this when wanting to be present for another. Being truly present for another requires a ferocious trust: It requires the ability of the ego to completely step aside and to remain steadfast and committed to the Unknown. It is this trust that can heal, that can foster a capacity to love when one can find nothing to love.

What is described in this book is the very thing that is needed at this time in the world, for this understanding is in danger of being forgotten, or hidden. Stories such as these are absolutely critical, both as inspiration and as documentation.

Thank you so very much for writing this book, and gratitude also to the publisher for making it available to so many of us.

Cedrus Monte, PhD dipl.
Diplomate Jungian Analyst
C. G. Jung Institute-Zurich
The Moonlit Path: Reflections on the Dark Feminine