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Reality Shifters News Magazine Review
of The Inspired Heart: An Artist's Journey of Transformation

Trusting the Deep Intelligence of the Universe, Artist Jerry Wennstrom shocked the New York art community in 1979 when he destroyed his paintings at the pinnacle of his illustrious career. Guided by an inner passion to connect directly to divine consciousness, Wennstrom gave away his possessions and began a journey based on complete surrender to life experience. THE INSPIRED HEART shares Wennstrom's personal journal of how he lived for years in a state of grace and faith, discovering divine intelligence and inspiration in a wide breadth of experiences. Wennstrom at various times fasted, experienced the sublime joys of sharing special moments with neighborhood children, and faced potential muggers with loving kindness... to receive loving kindness in return. THE INSPIRED HEART shows us how, "Enlightenment is not a grand finale that leaves us blissfully risen, Buddha-like, above the suffering of the world. It is a deep and unconditional surrender to what already exists and total trust in the larger inherent intelligence, which is willing to lead the way."

I love the color pictures of Wennstrom's art in the middle of this book, and the way Wennstrom's autobiographical short stories weave themselves in dreamy fashion through the places and times of his fascinating life. THE INSPIRED HEART shares the raw and simple beauty of one man's pure heart as it shows us how miraculous, magnificent and rich our lives can be when we let go of everything and allow ourselves to be fully present in this moment, now.

Reality Shifters News Magazine
By Cynthia Sue Larson, author of "AURA ADVANTAGE"