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Ecstatic Relations

Ecstatic Relations book cover
Ecstatic Relations

by friend and author Carolyn North
November 2006
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We have been reading the manuscript and we can tell you, first-hand, Ecstatic Relations is a book worth reading!

A few months ago Jerry put Carolyn North in touch with his publisher, Connie Shaw at Sentient Publications to see if she might be interested in publishing Carolynís new book, Ecstatic Relations. Together Carolyn and Connie decided to move forward with the publication of the book and asked Jerry if they might use his artwork on the cover. Two of his paintings were chosen and incorporated to create the cover. The more prominent, cover image is a recent painting called Union. Union is a life size painting done on the innermost layer of a multileveled, sculptural piece called, The Sacred Marriage. For the subtle, background image a painting called One is the Human Spirit is used. In the 70ís Jean Houston had asked Jerry to do this painting for a show at the 30th anniversary celebration of the United Nations, which was held at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in New York.